A world of fantasy I

Well yesterday marked the day of my first Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay game, second edition. A game which the GM had planned to run almost eight month ago, but which has now started. We’ve managed to get a party of four, which means we’re well rounded and likely to survive a little longer than normal, with any luck. I’m currently writing in the aftermath of our second game session.

However our group essentially didn’t get on too well, at least to begin with, but I will detail that later.

The party consists of:

  • A Female Halfling Thief who is training to be a Rogue, played by my Kajira.
  • A Female Elven Bounty Hunter who is training to be a Vampire Hunter, played by my friend.
  • A Dwarf Tradesman who is training to become an Engineer played by Me – Magnus Morwind
  • A Male Human Guardsman who is training to become a Witch Finder, played by my father.

The game was rather enjoyable, very much so in fact. Due in part to my friend knowing little about the concept of roleplay, and was managing to make some odd choices for an Elf, however he doesn’t know the world which makes it more understandable.

Our GM is rather set in stone about the way he plays, so for example when I declared (as a smith tradesman) that I wanted an anvil to carry with me, a reasonably small thing, he was grumbling as it was not in the rules and that I shouldn’t be able to carry one which is twice my size. I think he misunderstood and refused to bend. Though eventually I did get my anvil, plus a small handcart to carry it and other items in.

The Events of the Night.

The story started with our halfling entering a bar in search of information as to what had happened to her family, who were burned alive in their home following an arson attack. She is going to be killed and robbed by the two men who are “Directing” her to more information, which causes her to run. In doing so she passes the Guardsman in the street, who was a member of the watch in the starting town, alas he quit his job to find fortune elsewhere, while rather inebriated from the previous nights activities. Turning to see the two rough men who are clearly chasing a small child, abet one older than him by several years, he threatened them with his gun and tells them to leave it. Which they do, but the halfling has gone towards the main square, causing him to continue there.

In the square is located a great marketplace and bazaar where most of the towns commerce and trade occur. Placed by a town office, or church, I forget which as other events were more pressing, is a notice board for wanted men and women as well as jobs which require occupants of varying sorts.

The elf had entered the square in search of said board, as we all do before long, and en route a small child seems to annoy her, I forget exactly how, but who can tell when it comes to these mystical folk? I do remember her back handing the small girl who was pestering around her ankles, and causing her to run away into the crowds.

I saw these events from a nearby stall having arrived there a little while earlier in search of work myself, directed there by the local trading guilds with direction towards Altdorf. I remember catching a glance of our Guardsman friend but noting little of him and his horse at the edge of the square, however I do remember the cries as the crowds parted moments later.

The figures who detached themselves from the group were large, big and well built men, roughly five or so. One of which had a little girl holding onto his hand, and with the other pointing at the elf. Clearly the father does not take kindly to his daughter being injured.

Alas or perhaps luckily for her, as she draws her sword, a rather foolish error I must say, our halfling companion ran out of a side street and collided with one of the men, toppling him. A fight was clearly about to breakout, I myself was now situated nearby the notice board, leaning on my cart with pipe, watching the entertainment, and turned to say as much to the tall man with the horse who had also joined me near there.

It was about now that the crowd and market began to melt as if mist was being touched my first sunlight, and it was the sign of five an ten armed guards, weilding halbeards entering the square which said as much for the cause. With there were the two men who had chased the little halfling here.

The two men accused her of stealing from them and causing them harm, which caused her to be arrested, abet only for one night, even more so because she was seemingly innocent in their eyes and rather entertaining to them. Though the elf was also arrested, as her assailants had fled long before, she had yet to sheath her blade and turned to the guards enraged. Thankfully she saw sense, as I do not think it would have been a good day for her.

All four of us were hearded against the church wall, but only those two arrested. The next day we all met at the board again and agreed to work together for a job we had discovered in the grey mountains, on the far side of the capital city of Altdorf, or should I say I discovered. As due to some failing in all three of their cultures, I was the only one of us able to read or write in any language, which was a hindrance to them I must say.

But all the same we headed to the coaching house and spent the night there, while our guardsman started chatting to our rather drunk, steadily and heavily  drinking coach drivers for the morning run to Altdorf. While in the inn a pompus man or elf, I wasn’t paying much attention at the time, came over to our table and began to play dice with us, with our money and his on the table. We added in some card games as well for the betting. During the game the luck flowed his way a bit too much and our halfling noticed him cheating us. She called out against the brigand and he fled. In outrage we chased him as he ran, alas he lept through a window, disappearing into the forest. We were told to halt by the barman, who grumbled and said the swine was barred for cheating customers for the last time. We retired to our room for the night, to get up first thing and travel out of the small town.

After some arrangements, involving our drivers throwing up and grumbling (both them and our GM) I got my cart on the roof and along with my companions road the coach for awhile, sadly we had to take the roof as some posh human nobilite  and her bodyguard retinue had already secured the inside, rather firmly, with a gun aimed at the elf who tried to take issue with this fact.

The ride was more or less uneventuful, till following a lurch, due to a hole in the track, our elf was thrown from the coach and landed rather hard. We discovered a ruined coach round the following bend, as well as several creatures of clearly unknown origions, they seemed rather chaotic and malformed.

I remember taking the rear vanguard as the elf, human and halfling ran to slaughter these creatures. I came up after to examine the new, rather bloody and wrecked coach. There was a couple of bodies but very little else, clearly the weapons and money had already been picked clean, either by the monsters or our erstwhile drivers, who appeared not long after the area was secure. The first sight of such creatures driving them to hide in the forest around us.

The body we first found was the twin of our human, clearly defined as his exact double. Rather an odd thing to stumble upon, though humans look rather similar at times. About his person were several letters detailing that he was en-route to acquire an inheritance and bore signed declarations that he was who he said he was and had the complete right to claim, from what I could discern, a sizeable fortune.

Once we were all gathered together again we set off towards Altdorf again and arrived there late afternoon, early evening, and began our search for employment.

(And had we not beated said elf around the head and explained in careful tones that elves DO NOT DO THAT, she was planning to devour the brains of said monstrosities later on.)


Questions, Questions.

I’ve been thinking about this for awhile and honestly I have no idea what exactly I want to do with it to be honest… I have started my painting up again as well as some writing. But I don’t know if I should start posting pictures of my painting in progress, or story ideas or even bits of both. Hell I might even dig out my camera and start up photography again.

But right now I’m trying to get to grips with rambling thoughts down and then starting up something, what I’ll start up I don’t know. Though miniatures and stories seems likely, rambling about books and games may also be a good bet.

Though I am curious what people passing may be interested in. I will admit I don’t know if I’ll get any results or any feedback as I don’t really have much in the way of followers but I will see all the same.

Today is a day I’d rather not have.

Consumerist Hell

Well it appears that the world has decided once again to decorate the world with little red ass-shaped pictures and cards, which I believe means it must be Valentines Day. So glad that the world acknowledges such an consumerist holiday.

I mean if the holiday allowed us to slaughter a few usless charvers and charvetts while they’re out on their mid-morning binge then I’d call it a good day for all. However instead of that entertainment we’ve shops and websites publising various, and rather expensive I might add, ideas of how to spoil your “special other”, and how much they’ll love you for it. Bah!

If you have someone, who mean the world to you. And you know it. And they know it. then you’re quite likely going to be showing them it most days if not every day, so why should one day require you to pull out all the stops? surely you’d plan something like this anyways, for a random day they’re not going to be sat waiting on happening and feel let down because socity has declared one day of the year for it all to happen at once. Setting something special for birthdays and christmas are always good ways to show affection and treat them, but doing something nice randomly during the year will do so just as well.

Why let the world dictate how to do it. Humanity are supposed to be free-thinkers and people of their own mind. Yet all we do is think the same till the world burns around us, and we won’t put out the fires because we think someone else should because they’re supposed too or wait till someone else is before we decide to join in.

Today is a waste of money when everything that would be gifted increases in price for the holiday and ends up bankrupting people in order to bring a little happiness before the eternal plunge into oblivion and despair.

I know that there will be some who’ve been swept up in this “holiday”, and I’m curious what your take on it is. Did you spoil your lover rotten till they died happy? propose? get drunk till your liver coughs its last due to being alone? or did you manage to gloss over today and not think too much about it?

Will tears silence a burning forest?

I have always known the paths inside this darkened forest, the hidden horrors and the fading wonders. I’ve always known they were there and that more exist beyond the trees, but I know the ones here which is why I never leave. Lately I’ve felt as if this forest in which I hide has felt somewhat warmer and more welcoming than it usually does, but currently the trees are burning, their bark blackening as their leaves ignite into oblivion. And all I can do is weep, each tear sizzling into nothingness before its even touched the earth.

I found something here, I found another soul and it made everything better for awhile… made the pain at my core begin to ebb and wane from my sight and sometimes I was even seen to smile. But could that last? I always twist even the most beautiful of things into new horrors to marr my soul, and why should this be any different? I’ve once more destroyed hope after rekindling it inside me.

I was happy for maybe a week, maybe a few days more and now I watch my world crumble and the only point of salvation on its decaying orb. I suppose its no better or worse off than our own world, I mean earth is doomed as it is by a multitude of different hells which are fast approaching.

I lie alone in the dirt, alone and cold once more, perhaps I always was and the light I saw was mealy a delusion of hope playing games with my perception in some effort to make me believe that there is something to be done rather than remaining lost in the woods.


Its peaceful here, buried in the earth, the smells are intoxicating; overpowering and sticking in the throat and mind. Buried beneath them its so easy to not worry that soon the moon will shine bright and all the pain will be laid bare under its unwavering gaze. I only hope that when the pale lady turns my way I’ll be hidden deep and lost in myself.


I do wonder if this serves a purpose, perhaps I should find a reason to post, beyond continuing a somewhat poetic description of my many failures. I suppose it may be worth discussing Warhammer or gaming or somesuch, but we’ll see which if any I manage to find enough to write about.

In The Dark of the Night.

Some people are lost in the woods, forever searching for a way out of the dark, oppressive darkness which surrounds them on all sides. They find themselves lost without hope, lost and alone; and knowing they have no chance of escape, but praying that they may find it.

While in our dammned age, this is a truth many struggle to accept let alone see as fact. There are always those who know that we’re all lost and seeking something, but some seek to remain lost because that is where they have found themselves. Being lost from humanity is not the worst possible situation, but being found by those who think they know better may well be.

I’m not entirely certain if I have a point to make, and most of the time I doubt I will, there is of course the slim possibility that somewhere in my rambling and hate and rage and violent expression of pent up emotion that something may come out. Something which may help the reader with an insight. I do think the majority will lead the reader through the woods without leading them to a destination.

The journey is the worthy part and the places visited on that journey what makes it worth something. But if you don’t have some rough destination or goal then all you’ve done is experience life till it tapers into oblivion and your knowledge along with it, because without finding a focus your travel becomes meaningless. A writer may pour words forth till his hands bleed and his eyes rot, but if the words are not leading to a destination, even one that may only make sense to them, then you are little more than a program running on repeat for eternity.

Without a spark of inspiration life will run itself to death and our mark will simply be another dead world in a dead star system. Till the next creature makes a better go of it than we.

I think today I may have found something, however small, however fleeting which made me smile, and dare I say, with a great deal of uncertainty and confusion, happy. The world continues to provide some surprises does it not?

For now I remain, as I always have, lost in the woods, but for the first time in over a decade I do not believe I am lost here alone.